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Wholesale Program
If Your monthly volume of purchases is $500 or more our Wholesale Program is exactly for You!
There are three categories of the phone cards we provide:
  • Virtual Cards
  • Minute-based Cards
  • Plastic Cards
  • Wholesale Program Requirements:
    - Monthly volume of purchases $500 or more;
    - Order amount $100 or more.
    To place an order please go to

    We offer other options for our Distributors:
    • Referral Program.
      Bring new Customers to and receive upto 20% commission.
      See Details…

    • Open your Online Distribution Center with Own Shop Program.
      Receive your domain or use your existing one. Five minutes setup! Use as a standalone shop or as a marketplace.
      Upto 14% commission from all store purchases.
      See Details…

    Customer Service:
    From USA 1-800-219-6993 From other countries 1-617-861-4107
    Mon - Fri 9AM - 9PM, Sat 11AM - 5PM EST

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